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Accucraft (US) Pennsylvania Railroad E-6 4-4-2

al97-431-1These delightful little ‘Atlantics’ are now in production and can be expected in the UK in the New Year – make sure you have reserved one with us to avoid disappointment!

The E-6 class were the last 4-4-2 ‘Atlantic’ type locomotives built by the Pennsylvania Railroad. A total of 83 were constructed between 1910 and 1914. These modern design Atlantics featured a large and free-steaming boiler, outside Walschaerts valve gear, piston valves on the cylinders, and a cast steel KW pattern trailing truck designed by the PRR’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, William F, Keisel Jr. Although replaced by larger K-4 class Pacifics on most top-rated trains, the E-6s remained popular on lesser services, especially commuter operations around the New Jersey seashore routes. Nine were transferred to the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines; some were also leased to PRR subsidiary Long Island Rail Road.

One example, #460, has been preserved in recognition of the role it played in delivering newsreel footage of Charles Lindburgh receiving The Distinguished Flying Cross from President Coolidge following the former’s epic trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.  The specially chartered PRR train (with its own darkroom) delivered the footage to New York cinemas a full hour before the reels that had been flown there.

Made of brass, stainless steel and copper, the model will faithfully reproduce the impressive characteristics found on these big 80” derived Atlantics. The UK RRP for the live steam version will be £3200.00 for the lined green version, £3000.00 for the black examples including shipping, VAT and UK warranty.


Scale / Gauge: 1:32 / 45 mm
Construction: Brass & stainless steel
Mini. Radius: 10 ft. (3 M)
60 psi working pressure
Safety valve
Pressure gauge
Water sight glass
Blow down valve
Axle water pump with bypass valve
Hand water pump

Versions available:

AL97-431 PRR E-6 4-4-2 #1794 Green, Lined – Alcohol Fired
AL97-432 PRR E-6 4-4-2 #460 Black – Alcohol Fired
AL97-435 PRR E-6 4-4-2 #1794 Green, Lined – Butane Fired
AL97-436 PRR E-6 4-4-2 #460 Black – Butane Fired

Warranty repairs

For all warranty repairs, please contact your RETAILER in the first instance. Your retailer will contact us and we will then arrange for the item to be collected by our couriers. Please do not contact any of our service agents direct on warranty matters as all have to be processed through our system before being actioned.

Warranty registration cards must be returned to us as soon as possible after purchase, including those for U.S., Schug or Argyle models.  Please note that we do not offer a warranty service for Accucraft models purchased outside the UK, only for those bought through our UK dealer network.  If, for any reason, you have a locomotive bought this way it would have to be returned to the original dealer for warranty repairs.

To make shipping easier in the event of your locomotive having to be sent for service, please retain ALL original packaging. We do not carry spare boxes in stock to return your model to you. If improperly packed to be sent to us, we cannot be responsible for any damage. We will consider the warranty of any loco returned to us without the original packaging invalid and will charge for any additional packaging required to ensure its safe return.  If the model is fitted with radio control it is essential that the transmitter is sent with the model.

Accucraft UK Ltd was formed in 2004 by Ian and Sandy Pearse. Ian Pearse has over 30 years experience in garden railways and a strong development relationship with Accucraft Trains. The company incorporates their former business Marches Models, best known for supplying British narrow gauge live steam locomotives for gauges ‘O’ and ’1′. Accucraft UK Ltd continues the work of Marches Models as well as offering customers electrically powered models and ready to run plastic rolling stock in 1:32, 1:20.3 and 1:19 scales. Accucraft UK Ltd has significantly expanded the range of large scale model railway goods available to the UK and worldwide market and will continue to build on this.

As well as manufacturing our own range of model products we are happy to undertake commission work in most scales for retailers and other organisations. We are the sole UK importers for the complete range of products manufactured by Accucraft Trains of the USA.  We also distribute the models made for Accucraft Australia (Argyle Models) and Accucraft Germany (MBV Schug).

The full listing of Accucraft (US) stock is available below – items may have to be shipped from California with a lead time of four to six weeks.  Accucraft (US) manufactures a range of equipment using 1:13.7 scale for U.S. 2′ gauge items, 1:20.3 scale for American 3′ gauge stock and 1:32 scale for standard gauge prototypes.  The availability of the U.S. range can be checked on the Accucraft eStore. Accucraft (US) RRP lists can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

In 2015 the firm acquired the intellectual property, designs and tooling of the Gauge 1 Model Co. range and will, in future, be responsible for the production of all their previously announced models. In addition the company will be expanding the existing range of superb Gauge 1 rolling stock and adding to the fleet of outstanding locomotive designs.

Accucraft models are designed to reproduce the prototype as accurately as possible and built to give a lifetime of pleasure in their operation, bringing the joy of affordable live steam to many for the first time. A lot of our early locomotives are still in steam today, proving that they were a worthwhile investment for those who chose Accucraft.

Accucraft UK Ltd only supply to the trade, therefore to find your nearest supplier click on the dealer list section.